"SPOILER: He loves cheese, he remembered sweet things about his family right before the end, and he was reincarnated as a parrot that becomes Thomas’s talking pet."
~ James Dashner answering, “Can you tell us 3 unknown/not mentioned facts about Newt?” (via wickedisgood)

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"It might be fun some day to write a book from the perspective of Group B, but no plans for the near future. I promise to keep it under consideration! But won’t it be fun to see them in the next film!"
~ James Dashner answering, “Would you consider doing a prequel about Group B?” (via wickedisgood)

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Taylor Swift - Shake it Off

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Deleted scene: Gus and Hazel selling the swing set

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Harry Potter AU in which Remus Lupin doesn’t leave Hogwarts after Snape tells everyone he’s a werewolf

instead, he fucking stays where he belongs

and, as the howlers start coming, insults exploding at the teacher’s table every morning like clockwork, the students…


Celebrities doing the ALS ice bucket challenge

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After everything that happened, I’m not sure she’s coming back at all.

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endless list of films with gorgeous visuals → Tarzan (1999) 

“From this day on now and forever more, you’ll be in my heart.”

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